What should I do if my router does not work?

Sometimes, while we are using a computer, it searches for the wireless signal of our router and successfully connects to the WIFI signal. However, the computer still can’t access the Internet. How do we solve this problem? Why doesn’t our router work? Let’s find the right solutions. Problem 1: There is an error with the … Read more

All router related definitions that need to be understood

It’s very common that sometimes you can’t remember the exact word or definition related to router you want to talk about, it happens to other computer information too. WIFI is surely most used words nowadays, while you go everywhere in public, in a Cafe, in a theater, you will find some wireless router signals, it’s … Read more

How to get your router’s IP address?

It’s very important to get your router’s IP address if you want to log into it or manage it. There are several ways to get it depending on what computer you are using, a PC or a MAC. 1. If you are using MAC OS X or any other MAC systems like iPhone, iPad, etc, … Read more wireless router setup steps is usually known as the default management IP address of routers. Many router factories use this address to setup routers configurations. Look carefully at your router’s surface or manual book, you will find there’s a note about your router’s default IP and login username and password, these are important information for your router’s management … Read more