How to get your router’s IP address?

It’s very important to get your router’s IP address if you want to log into it or manage it. There are several ways to get it depending on what computer you are using, a PC or a MAC.

1. If you are using MAC OS X or any other MAC systems like iPhone, iPad, etc, the easiest way is to type the following command at the terminal window:
netstat -rn |grep default

The result will show you router’s default management address after “default”.

2. If you are using Windows system computers, it’s actually similar to MAC systems, except the different command line. Find command window at Start menu – Run, type “command”.

In the window, type “ipconfig”, the default gateway will show you what you need.
router gateway

Another option is to find it at control panel – Network and Internet – View network status and tasks – click Ethernet – click Details, in the popup window, find IPv4 Default Gateway, it’s also your router’s IP address.

It’s pretty easy to use command method if you know computer knowledge a bit, or you can choose second one. If you still can’t find it with my method, try to reset your router, this will bring you’re the default settings to your router.