How to recover router username and password if you can’t remember them?

Your router is a device that is essential when it comes to accessing the Internet. While the router itself does not provide your internet connection – this is done through the modem – it is necessary for the transfer of data. In addition, most routers now come with the modem built in, so if you forget the username and password you will find yourself struggling. In this situation, you need to know how to recover your router’s status so that you can continue going online. It may be that you have purchased a used router and do not even know the router’s login information. Again, you will need to recover them using one of the methods listed.

Methods you can use to recover the username and password

There are several different methods that you can use in order to recover your router’s login method if you have forgotten it or simply do not know it. This includes:

  • Check the router manual: The most obvious solution is to check the manual for your router in order to find out the router username and password. Different router models use different user name combinations. If you need to recover them but you do not have the manual for your router, you can sometimes locate it online by entering the model of the router and typing ‘manual’ into the search engine.
  • Check the router: Another option is to look at the router for a sticker that contains the information. These are generally located on the underside of the router, so take a look on the device to see whether there is any sticker on there with the information that you require.
  • Try using admin: Routers often use the term ‘admin’ as a username, password, or both. It is therefore worth trying this commonly used term to try and gain access to your router. Some routers use ‘admin’ as the user name and leave the password blank; some use it as the password and leave the username blank; and some use it as both for the information. You should therefore try it in different combinations to see whether any of these work for you.

If you are unable to recover them for the router, you can reset it to its factory settings. Any configurations that have previously been made will then be wiped. However, you can reconfigure the router again without any problem if you do have to reset it. Most router manufacturers use one of two LAN IP addresses, which are or This is the address that provides access to the router’s configuration page if you need to make changes.

Resetting the router is generally a very simple process. A button labeled reset should be located on your router – it may be a pinhole button, as this helps to avoid people pressing it by accident. Once you locate the button, keep it held down for around ten seconds. This will trigger the reset process and you can then use the default username and password for the router in order to gain access.