wireless router setup steps is usually known as the default management IP address of routers. Many router factories use this address to setup routers configurations. Look carefully at your router’s surface or manual book, you will find there’s a note about your router’s default IP and login username and password, these are important information for your router’s management and settings.

Why can’t I access my router

After you bought your router, you need to setup the router first, usually we would enter at address bar of a browser, but sometimes the browser doesn’t show any pages. If you encounter such a problem, how to solve it?

  1. Check whether you have typed, not 192.168.l.l, these are all digital numbers, and please add http:// at the front, if this step doesn’t work, then try the second step.
  2. Ping at your computer’s command window, you can find it at ‘Start-Run-type CMD’. Watch the results you’ve pinged the address, if it always shows ‘Request time out…’, then there might be a cable connection error, if it shows ‘Reply from′, it means your router is working OK.

How to solve the cable connection error problem?

  1. Check whether your network cable is plugged to the right router port and your computer’s net card port. If your network is ADSL, make sure you’ve plugged the cables to the right WAN port and LAN port.
  2. Check TCP/IP property and make sure you setup your computer’s IP address correctly, usually you can leave it with ‘Automatically obtain IP address’.
  3. Check whether you are using a proxy in your browser.
  4. Try to reset your router by push the reset hole for three seconds on your router.
  5. Check whether your computer’s ARP record is OK, you can delete the ARP record by running the command ‘arp –d’ at the command window.

After checking all the steps above, your router should be working smoothly, if there’s still a problem that you can’t access, I think your router might be broken or the built-in software of your router is broken, you should replace the router or buy a new one.

How to setup your router

Basically, if your router is working fine, you need to configure router settings in order to make it connect to internet smoothly. First you need to check what network connection method you get from internet provider, mostly these companies provides you some ADSL username and password, you need them to dial-up and connect to internet.

  • Enter at your browser’s address bar, this will show you the router management interface, you need to enter router’s username and password in order to login to router(distinguish the username and password from ADSL username and password), normally these information are marked on the surface of your router, and they are usually ‘admin’.
  • After logged into the router, you need to select the setup-wizard or setup all steps by manual, I suggest you to choose the first one. With the setup-wizard, the router will ask you to select what type of network you are using, including PPPOE, it also means ADSL or dial-up network, after this step is chosen, you need to input ADSL username and password, don’t miss them with ‘admin’ above, you need to type carefully as internet company always provides you complex passwords. In fact, some network providers also provide static IP, this method always serves business customers, and to configure static IP, it’s as simple as walking, we need to choose static IP from the first step, then input your IP provided by network provider/company, and also DNS, gateway information, etc., 192.168.l.l wirelss router and modem admin passwords login ip
  • Then we will come to wireless setup part if your router supports wireless function. If you remember while you are using a wireless signal it always asks you to input a password, you are right, you need to setup your router’s wireless password too. At the wireless interface, you will see ‘SSID’ or wpa-psk or wpa2-psk options, they are all for password setup, if you need a strong password protection, I suggest you to choose wpa2-psk option which is more safer than wpa-psk in order not to be hacked by someone and shared in public. And please input a complex password at the interface with digitals and alphabets.

After above steps are finished, you can try your phone to test the wireless function, search the wireless signal, find your wireless device, click ‘connect’, enter password, successfully connected, try to browse, if it shows router interface, then everything is OK. Of course you can try with other devices too including different kinds of android phones, iPhones, PC, etc.

What shall I do if I lost my router’s username and password?

Don’t worry, first you need to check what router brand you are using, or just look for the router manual, if you can’t find it, you can search google with the router brand and model, there’s always some answers about username and password. There’s another solution if you changed the password and forget it, push a stick to the reset hole of the router for three seconds and your router will recover the initial username and password, this is really simple, then you can browse and change them at the setup interface.