What should you do if you can not search for the signal of your own router?

While you are using your own notebook or mobile phone and try to search for wireless signals, you are able to find someone else’s wireless router signals(usually your neighbors or someone not far from you), but can not search for your own router’s wireless signal? With such problems Encountered, most of the answers are the problem is caused by your router’s wireless network configuration or you didn’t switch it on. Following will introduce the solution:

  1. Connect your wireless router with a laptop using a net cable.
  2. Login to your wireless router’s settings interface, usually enter ( in the browser and press ‘Enter’, and then enter the login user name and password.
  3. Click ‘Wireless Settings’ – ‘Basic Settings’, tick the boxes writing ‘open wireless function’ box and ‘open SSID broadcast’, then click ‘Save’.

After the above steps, please use a laptop or mobile phone to re-search to see if you can search on your router’s wireless signal.

If you still can not get the signal, please try the following method:

  1. Modify the wireless signal band (channel), it is recommended to set the frequency band between 1-11, and it is the best not to use 12,13 bands (channels), because some wireless card does not support these two bands.
  2. Set the channel to 1-11.
  3. Reset your router for a while, then try to search the signal again use your devices, sometimes a Laptop’s wireless function is stronger than a mobile phone’s, please don’t leave your router too far away.