How to set up the router if you pull the cable from your neighbor or landlord?

Living in a rent house or other reasons, many of us would pull a net cable from neighbor or landlord to get internet connection, by this way we can get access to internet directly, but can not use the wireless network, which is depressing. Many of us would buy a wireless router and configure it in accordance with the general configuration steps, but find out that the Internet connection is lost or you simply do not know how to configure it.

In fact, with this case there are two ways to configure the wireless router:

  1. Use your router as a switch
  2. Configure your router’s WAN port to DHCP (dynamic IP).

Method one: Use your router as a switch.

Most routers’ configuration methods are similar, so here are general steps.

  1. Plug the network cable you pulled from someone in your router’ LAN port(1/2/3/4), any of the port will work. Be careful not to plug in the WAN port.
  2. Turn off the DHCP service.
  3. Change the LAN IP.

If your neighbor’s router login address is, then you need to modify your router’s LAN IP address to 192.168.1.x(2<x<254), if your neighbor’s router login address is, then the above IP address need to be modified to 192.168.0.x(2<x<254).

How do I know the login IP address of the neighbor’s router? After the cable pulled you’re your neighbor, plug it in your computer, and then view the IP address your computer gets, among the information, the default gateway is your neighbor’s router login IP address. How to do this? Please read this article about get router’s IP address.

After the above steps, your computer is connected to the Internet. If you need to use the wireless network, the only thing you need to do is to configure the router’s wireless function.

Method two: configure the router WAN mode to DHCP
Some routers’ WAN mode are called DHCP, some other routers’ WAN mode are called dynamic IP, which are same actually.

  1. Pull the cable from your neighbor and insert it in your router’s WAN port.
  2. Configure the WAN mode to DHCP.
  3. Change the LAN IP to or some else, for your convenience, or is the best.

If you need to use wireless signal(WIFI), try to configure your router’s wireless network, after the signal is switched on, you can use your laptop or mobile phone to connect to internet very easily.