What should I do if my router does not work?

Sometimes, while we are using a computer, it searches for the wireless signal of our router and successfully connects to the WIFI signal. However, the computer still can’t access the Internet. How do we solve this problem? Why doesn’t our router work? Let’s find the right solutions.

Problem 1: There is an error with the IP address configuration of your computer’s wireless network card. For example, with other wireless devices (notebook, mobile phone), you can connect the wireless signal and get access to the Internet, but with your computer, it fails to do that.

How to solve it:

  1. Right-click ‘Network’, then click ‘Properties’.
  2. Click ‘Change Adapter Settings’, right-click ‘wireless network adapter’ – ‘Properties’, please note: don’t right-click ‘local connection’.
  3. Select ‘Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP / IPv4)’ and click ‘Properties’.
  4. Select the ‘get an IP address automatically’ and ‘automatically get DNS server address’ options, then click ‘OK’.

Problem 2: Your router’s configuration has some problems. All wireless devices connected to the router can not access the Internet.

How to solve it:
Connect your wireless router and your computer with a network cable, then login to your router‘s management interface and check ‘running state’ – ‘WAN port state’.

If the WAN port status shows blank, it means the installation and configuration steps of your wireless router are all wrong. You can refer to this article for the steps.

If the WAN port status shows IP address, gateway, and so on, please follow the following methods to solve the problem:

  1. Turn off ‘Wireless MAC Address Filter’ function.
  2. Turn off ‘MAC Address Filter’ function.
  3. Turn off ‘IP Address Filter’ function.

Suppose all of the above steps still can not solve the problem. In that case, you need to reset your router to factory settings, then login to it with the default login user name and password, re-configure the Internet connection wireless network, then try again to see if you can connect to the Internet with a wireless connection, it should work this time.